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Home textiles. Easy and secure online shopping.

Home Textiles

Home textiles.

A wide range of made-to-measure cushions, rugs, blankets, cushion covers, duvet covers, bedspreads, sheets and towels for your home. Give it a personal and colourful touch with the new textile collections that you will find in our online shop.

Home Textiles

  • Duvet covers
    <p><strong>Duvet and pillow covers</strong></p> <p>Online sale. These duvet covers are made in different qualities, they are characterised by their incredible softness to the touch, as well as allowing air to circulate, so that the sensation of comfort and freshness is constant. Consult sizes.</p>
  • Quilts
    <p><strong>Bedspreads for the home</strong></p> <p>Wide range of bedspreads in different sizes. Printed, plain, children's and reversible bedspreads. Find yours in modern, classic, Mediterranean style. Change your bedspread and make your room new</p>
  • Sheets
    <p><strong>Bed sheets</strong></p> <p>Buy online your sheet sets with pillowcase for the whole family, you will find various sizes, models and qualities, children's or adult beds, printed or plain. With these sets of sheets you will let the air circulate, releasing the humidity so that the sensation of well-being and freshness is permanent. </p>
  • Cushions and covers
    <p><strong>Cushions and covers for the home</strong></p> <p>Find all the cushions you want, with different shapes and patterns, rectangular and square. Decorate your sofa, bed, garden or terrace and renew any room with new cushions and covers.</p>
  • Rugs and blankets
    <p><strong>Rugs and blankets</strong></p> <p>Buy on line. The carpet is the perfect complement, which will turn your house into a very cozy home. You will find a great variety of sizes and qualities. The blankets, a must for your sofa that will allow you to be warm while enjoying your favorite series, plus you will give your living room and sofa your own touch of decoration, you will find them in many different sizes and textures and you can choose the one that best matches your sofa </p>
  • Curtains
    <p><strong>Curtains and blinds.</strong></p> <p>Dress up the windows of your home and let the natural light into your home with the collection of translucent fabrics and the wide range of colours, which are sure to suit what you are looking for for all your rooms in the house. Personalise your living room, bedroom, kitchen and any room in your home with curtains and blinds from our collection. </p> <p></p> <p> </p>
  • Bathrobes
    <p>Bathrobes.</p> <p>Discover our collection of white bathrobes, coloured bathrobes, printed bathrobes, embroidered bathrobes, bathrobes with or without hood and matching towels. Personalise your bathroom and give it a touch of colour with the wide range of home textiles that you can find on our website. Shop online. </p>
  • Table Runners and Tablecloths
    <p><strong>Table runners and tablecloths for the home</strong></p> <p>Find a variety of plain and patterned tablecloths, table runners and placemats. Different styles and materials will give your table personality and elegance.</p>
  • Sleeping bags
    <p><strong>Duvet bag with pillow cover</strong></p> <p>Find the duvet bag that best suits your needs, with a wide variety of sizes, fabrics, textures and qualities. These bags are one of the most important elements when it comes to our rest, they adapt perfectly to your bed as the fitted sheet is joined to the bag by a zip, giving the effect of a sleeping bag. The most common use of duvets is for children and babies, their function is to prevent them from uncovering and falling out of bed while they sleep. </p> <p></p> <p></p>
  • Towels
    <p><strong>Home and beach towels</strong></p> <p>Choose the towel you like the most, home towel set, in different colours, find yours.</p>
  • Blinds
    <p><strong>Blinds for the home</strong></p> <p>Find the blind that best suits the room you want to renovate, blinds in different colours, choose the one you like the most.</p>
  • Sofa covers